TVR Car Club Classifieds Terms and Conditions

All adverts must be for a TVR or a TVR related item such as parts or services.
Each vehicle/item for sale must be listed separately with an asking price in £’s
The asking price is a mandatory field on the advert booking form.
If a vehicle/item is being made free of charge then the price should be listed as £0.00 (zero).
Groups of items are permitted as long as they are all included in the same price (for example a set of wheels).
Members Adverts:
The maximum number of adverts a member can list at any one time is two.
Any adverts over three months old may be removed at the TVR Car Clubs office's discretion.
All adverts placed or modified will be subject to moderation prior to be being generally visible.
To place and advert log into to either the forum or members area first.
Trade adverts:
Traders please contact the TVRCC office so we can set-up your unique trade log in, if you have not already received one from us with your partnership pack. Traders in our ‘partnership’ scheme will be able to advertise their current vehicle stock to a maximum of ten vehicles per trader at any one time.
The TVRCC office will approve adverts, monitor content and delete any listings older than 3 months at their discretion.
Trade partners can edit, remove and mark as sold their current entries using their unique log in details. Business Advertisements (disclosure) Order 1977
Advertisements are accepted on the understanding that they comply with the Business Advertisements (Disclosure) Order 1977 which requires all advertisements placed by persons who seek to sell goods, in the course of a business, to make that fact clear in the wording of their advertisements.
Please contact TVRCC office if you would like more details of our Partnership Scheme or assistance with logging in to this section of our website 01952 822126.
For any questions or assitance please contact the club office on 01952 822126 or
These terms and conditions may be updated at any time and changes to current adverts may result due to these changes.